4IR Foundation Course​

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  • Duration 3h 40m 38s
  • Last Update April 8, 2021


Course Description:
The 4th Industrial Revolution (“4IR”) is characterised by a synchronisation of the physical and digital worlds. Understanding 4IR is the first step to thriving in it. This course will help you understand what 4IR is, the key emerging technologies as well as how 4IR will impact you, your organisation, industry, country and world at large.

1. Video lessons – 6
2. Quizzes – 20 questions
3. Certificate of completion

What Will I Learn?

  • 4IR literacy
  • 4IR strategic skills

Topics for this course

6 Lessons3h 40m 38s

Defining the 4th Industrial Revolution

Defining the 4th Industrial Revolution00:15:21
Quiz: Defining the 4th Industrial Revolution

Key Technologies

Expected Impact & Conclusion


Target Audience

  • Board directors
  • CEOs
  • Senior executives
  • Managers
  • Career entrants